When I did not got complete information after Orders from CIC.

  • Respected Sir,
    CIC ordered to CPIO to provide complete copy of personal file of the applicant. but CPIO hide most of the information and forward only 70 pages.
    (1) what will be under RTI against CPIO to hide information and disobey the orders.
    (2) is it possible, your experts may draft a suitable reply on the basis of my all previous correspondences,
    (3) what will be the fee and procedures pls?
    with thanks
    ashok kumar, 8828040447

  • RTI Experts

    You could file a complaint under section 18 of the RTI Act for non-compliance of the order passed by the CIC and ask for penalty to be levied on the PIO for not obeying the orders.

    Incase you want to get this drafted by an expert, you could put in a request at support@onlinerti.com.

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