Want to get records of name, age and address

  • Can we ask the information about a person from Education Board, and Rashan Card issuing authority regarding his age, father's name and address, details of brothers etc.

  • RTI Experts


    Generally, obtaining information related to another person falls under the category of third party information and the same is exempt from disclosure except under special circumstances. The exemption of such information disclosure has been mentioned in Section 8(1)(j).

    If you are able to show any larger public interest involved that warrants disclosure of such information, then the same can be disclosed. In case you have prior consent and approval in writing from the concerned third person, then you could get the relevant documents and records.

    In the absence of the above two situations, accessing third party personal information is exempt from disclosure.

  • Respected Sir,
    Thanks for your valuable suggestion, but the question is there, the Person have joined govt. services by providing false education certification and reduced his age by 15+ years approx. behind the scene, he bribed to officers too.
    kindly suggest, how to disclose the matter please.
    with regards,

    Ashok Kumar,

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