• Can I ask from police station MLC reports and statement of culprits and other

  • RTI Experts


    As per different CIC orders it has been laid down that certain aspects of the MLC reports and statements can be disclosed, however certain portion of the information is withheld.

    It has been noted that the concerned person has every right to know the information which can be of any help to either prove his stand or disprove the allegation against him. However, details of doctors who prepared MLC and the police officers who asked for the MLC are not necessary and relevant to the right of accused to know the details of MLC. The names of public servants involved in official work, if revealed might endanger life or physical safety of those persons, and hence can be denied under Section 8(1)(g).

    However, the applicant can seek the copy of MLC only when it does not impede the process of investigation as per Section 8(1)(h)

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