RTI applicable to Bangalore RTO (Yeswantapur office) ??

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    I moved from HYD to BLR, and transferred my vehicle to BLR (TS regn) as well.

    I paid the lifetime tax at B-luru RTO, and was issued a new RC card with the same number (TS regn). Subsequently, I applied for a KA regn number by surrendering the RC card (TS regn, KA LTT paid). It has been more than 9 months now, and the KA regn RC card has not been issued. I have made several trips to the RTO, but no one seems to know the current status.

    Can I find out the current status through an RTI ?
    Is the RTI applicable to B-luru RTO (Yeswantapur office) ? I am not able to find the transport dept in the list at "https://onlinerti.com/how-to-file-rti-online-for-karnataka"
    What is the procedure to file an RTI ?


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    The Regional Transport Office (RTO) is a public authority and is covered under the RTI Act.

    You could obtain information regarding your transfer application and the status of the registration . Under section 2(f), you could obtain copies of relevant documents and records.

    To file a comprehensive application to the RTO, you can approach the team at onlinerti.com.

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