grievance by the mg university kerala and not taking responsibility and no resolving

  • I was a student of mahatma gandhi university regional centre in Edapally named as University collage of apllied reg no is sbag10184482.i have 4 queries

    Number 1

    During my 2nd semester exam i had failed in the subject analog circuits lab internal and i was absent external exam oct 2011.i had reappeared the internal exam and external exam for the above said subject on oct 2012.when the result was published it showed as i am failed.however i was really passed.the university took the internal mark of 2011 even when i had reappeared for the exams both internal and external in 2012.this however i known only after the result publication.the collage has produced letter and marklist of the above said subject internal exams at the university to resolve this issue.this issue haven't been resolved till now 2017 even i have gone to the university numerous times asking them to resolve this.they haven't given me marklist showing that i have passed.the result published on the internet haven't been changed till now.the university officer has humiliated me telling that i have not passed and i am telling lie even when i have passed the exam.they haven't given me an official record that i have passed that subject till now.i am facing great humiliation in my home and society that i cant show a marklist of the subject that i have passed before 6 years.

    Number 2

    I have appeared for the semester improvement exam of third semester in october 2015 but when the result was published its showing the results has been withheld by the university.i have gone to enquire about this at the university numerous times and they haven't told me a reason why the result have been withheld.if its because of the university mistake done on my internal mark of the lab exam as i have told in query one.then the university is clearly grievance about this that they haven't resoved an issue for a period of 6 long years.

    Number 3:

    I haven't got the marklists of the exams that i have appeard for the third semester exam 2012,2nd semester exams may 2013 and also 2014.

    Number 4

    The cbcss scheme during the years 2009 to 2013 was a failure and had changes in i am a student of 2010 admission i face great difficulties. there are 5 grades.a,b,c,d,e and "d" is average and "c" is all have not got equal brain capacity the average student who has passed all the subjects of every semesters,done project,viva,internal,external exams,and have even passed all of them and aquired average grade won't get the degree certificate.this destroys the future of many students and the years they have given for this have been gone lost.this scheme had been implemented without clear thought that they haven't thought the future of all students whether they are good or average which they had to think at the first place as an institution.and to get the good grade as its Ben told by the university to attend a semster improvement and publish the result takes approximately 2 years.this as the only choice is not even a practical one and destroying the life of numerous students without even giving them a practical soution.

    From the above queries itself its clearly states the university is silly and not working as an institution that thinks not about the students but their pockets only.can something will be done with the help of rti to resolve this?