APAR copy of the Government Officer

  • As per the latest SC order the APAR copy of the Government Officer is a personal information that can not be provided under RTI act. But there is no mention that any part of that report can be asked. As the reportee officer enclosed brief resume of work done by him during the financial year. Whether the copy of only that resume can be demanded.

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    A copy of the APAR of a government officer is a record maintained by a public authority and thus under the ambit of the RTI Act.

    As per the CIC order in judgment titled Shri Vikas K. Telang v. Bhabha Atomic Research Centre in File No.CIC/SM/A/2013/001328/RM, it has been laid down that the copy of the APAR has to be disclosed to the concerned employee/person. You can go through this relevant order for details.

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    You can get certified copies of your own APAR under RTI Act . However, you can't get copy of APAR of others.

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