Cost per Page RTI

  • I have been asked to pay 146 Rs for copies for my RTI application.I have paid and recieved copies.

    The copies received are 45 pages ,in some pages both sides are printed.

    My question is whether the PIO is right in charging me 146 Rs by calculating pages each sides of page or they shuld have charged 90 Rs ( by calculating individual pages )??? if any orders or clarfication ,please let me know ..Thanks

  • RTI Experts


    The aspect of charging of fee for documents under the RTI Act has been dealt with in various CIC orders. The basic common point amongst all the orders is that fee charged should be reasonable and must be in consonance with the spirit of RTI Act i.e should not be high and arbitrary.

    Though the CIC order titled Abne Ingty v. CPIO, Delhi University ( deals with the aspect of fee for obtaining of mark sheets, however there are certain universal aspects pertaining to fee under the Act which is present in this judgement.

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