Want to file RTI for Important document missing from chargesheet

  • My spouse trapped my family in IPC 313 (causing hurt to foetus willingly).. she herself aborted.. now that we have given evidences for her lies and chargesheet is filed, the main document is missing which had the doctor and nursing home where abortion was carried out. This was willingly removed to save the culprits from law. Can I file RTI for same to determine where was it removed in police dept and who removed it? This is serious offence. Please let me know.

  • RTI Experts


    The procedures in court fall under a separate and independent mechanism. Therefore, if you have any grievance related to any court related proceedings, it is advisable to approach the court under the relevant and applicable provisions of law. As you might be a party to the said legal proceedings, you are entitled to have access to the documents relating to your case as well as the court file.

    Additionally, you can use the RTI Act to know about the information which cannot be accessed by you apart from the court procedures. Under section 2 (f) of the RTI Act, you could obtain certified copies of the relevant documents and records.

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