Details of funds withdrawn from bank over a period of time

  • Would like to know if it is possible to determine if any funds were withdrawn from a certain bank account between 4-5 months of time. My spouse has alleged in a FIR that she was not given food and money for basic utilities during 5 months of marriage while truth being she totally overspent my hard earned money during this time. I also paid for an expensive course for her that she claims to be fund by herself. Please let me know if I can get this information through RTI. Thanks

  • RTI Experts


    As per a recent CIC (Central Information Commission) judgment titled Prashansa Sharma v Delhi Transco Ltd dated 03.02.2015, it has been laid down that spouses have a right to access each others income details including ITR details.

    Such information would not constitute personal information and section 8(1)(j) would not be applicable and a larger public interest in involved which overrides personal information.

    You can go through the following judgment regarding the information that can be obtained relating to the spouse's income under the RTI Act.

    Prashansa Sharma v Delhi Transco Ltd passed 3.2.2015 by the Central Information Commission in No. CIC/SA/A/2014/000433

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