safe garding info of rti applicant

  • i want to file an rti to

    1 know employment details of the person

    2 know property details of the person

    reason fake caste certificates were used to obtain both

    citing this reason can i get the info from rti. since its in public interest.

    will the person whose information i am sorting be informed that someone has applied rti to know his detials

    will he come to know that i have applied for rti.

  • RTI Experts


    Accessing a third person/third party information is not permissible under the RTI Act. Personal information is exempt from disclosure under section 8 of RTI Act.

    However, If you are able to show any larger public interest involved that warrants disclosure of such information, this information may be disclosed under RTI Act. This would entirely depend on the nature of information you are seeking and its co-relation with larger public interest involved.

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