Can i get income details of my spouse who is working in HDFC Bank

  • hi i would like to know whether i can get income details of my spouse who is working with HDFC Bank, who has left me financially and i have no other support for me and my little 5 year old.

  • RTI Experts


    As per a recent CIC (Central Information Commission) judgment titled Prashansa Sharma v Delhi Transco Ltd dated 03.02.2015, it has been laid down that spouses have a right to access each others income details including ITR details.

    Such information would not constitute personal information and section 8(1)(j) would not be applicable and a larger public interest in involved which overrides personal information.

  • Hi, Thanks for the reply but whom should i fill an RTI with , do i need to send the RTI application to HDFC Bank first or directly to the Juridicational RTI officer ???

  • @amanmadan88 it would be better to file a legal case against the spouse

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