Want KPSC Answer sheet

  • I have heard that KPSC is not providing answer sheets under RTI till the completion of the selection procedure. Is there any provision like this? Can Karnataka Public Service Commission deny answer sheet copy under rti mentioning this reason?

  • RTI Experts


    The said examination is covered under the RTI Act as the body which conducts this exam is a public authority. Under section 2(f), you could obtain certified copies of relevant documents and records. A recent Supreme Court judgment (CBSE vs Aditya Bandhyopadhyay) has laid down that copies of answer sheets of examinations have to be compulsorily disclosed under the RTI act.

    The public body cannot refuse to disclose the copies of answer sheets and/or the marks. However, there may be a situation whereby the checking and evaluating process may not have been completed and might be in progress.

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