FAA directed SPIO to provide info...but...but no timeframe mentioned...how long to wait?

  • Hi,

    here is my case need help...

    I had applied for RTI to government department head office (public authority : PA1) SPIO1 transfered it to District office SPIO2, then it was transferred to area office SPIO3.

    SPIO3 responded with misleading information.

    I applied for FA to FAA of office of SPIO3 (meaning SPIO2 is the FAA).

    got a response from SPIO2 (FAA)...FAA has accepted the FA and directed SPIO3 to provide the information.

    ...but ...but FAA has not mentioned any timeframe...just the word immediately.

    ...so how long should i wait?...can i contact (phone/email) SPIO3 on FAA order and inquire if he is providing the info and by when? is it ok to contact SPIO3?

    Kindly advise...


  • This post is deleted!

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