First appeal meet with AA and SPIO

  • I have received reply for my first appeal from AA and in the reply it is mentioned that he will meet me with the concerned SPIO on the fixed date and time mentioned in the reply.What generally happens in the meeting ? What if they not satisfy my RTI appeal ? Should I have to write any letter to close the RTI appeal if they presurrized me ?

  • There is no need to provide any letter to close the RTI query if the requested information is not provided. They cannot force you to write something against your will.

    If they do not satisfy your appeal, then second appeal and then information commission. I think, the first appeal responsible will give you his opinion or judgement in writing. That you can use for second appeal, if you are not satisfied.

  • RTI Experts


    The concerned appellate authority will pass it's orders based on the pleas raised by you in your application and the reply made by the concerned information office.

    The proceedings before the appellate authority are generally amicable and there is no provision under which you could be presssurised or forced to close your right of appealing against any order

    If you are not satisfied with first appellate authority's order, you can appeal against the order by either filing a second appeal or a complaint before the Centrap Information Commission.

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