• My father has a second family in Haldwani, Uttarakhand. We are living with our grandparents and mother in Delhi in Grandfather's self acquired house. My grandfather died and willed the house to my paternal aunt and gave the ancestral land to our father. This house is my mother's matrimonial home for the last 23 years. Now my aunt is doing a case along with our father to vacate the house. How should me and my siblings get our due?

  • RTI Experts

    Your questions does not seems to be pertaining to the subject matter of the RTI Act. Furthermore, the nature of your questions involve interpretation of law which is not covered under the RTI Act.

  • Your query does not comes under perview of RTI Act, 2005. I suggest you to consult good lawyer in your locality. Alternatively, you can post your queries in various online legal forum to get free advice.

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