Can I file RTI to get information regarding the rules prevailing in India before independence?

  • I need information regarding the rights of Lord Mountbatten and the acts that provided him the powers to appoint Jawaharlal Nehru as PM of India.

  • RTI Experts


    The records that you intend to obtain pertains to way long back and it seems less likely that such information would be made available under the RTI Act. Even if available, the same would also depend on the manner in which the information was being maintained at that time, if any.

  • RTI Act, 2005 provides every citizen right to get information available with or under control of Public Authority. Accordingly, if the information you require is available with or under control of government, the you can file RTI to get that information. It doesn't matter whether information sought belong to pre independence or post independence. If it is available with government, then you can get.

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