Land dispute

  • I am from District Shimla, Himachal predesh. Actually I have a property at tehsil Rohru of District Shimla. I am having land dispute with my neighbor, which he claims belong to him but actually mine. So I wanted revenue/settlement department to visit my property and measure it correctly so as to end the land dispute with my neighbor. So i contacted them last year, they said they are completing some documents so they shall be doing my work by Dec-2015. In Dec-2015 they said its not complete yet, they gave me a date of Mar-2016 and now its May-2016 and they are still not coming to measure it by saying that its still not complete and they are not sure how much it will take to complete it.

    And hence my dispute with my neighbor still remains unsettled. How can I use RTI to resolve my issue?

  • RTI Experts


    You could use the information available under the RTI Act and then use it to address your grievance and seek redressal and remedies available under law.

    The authorities maintaining land records is a public authority and the RTI Act is applicable to it. You could obtain information relating to the land records in terms of measurements, area, ownership and get details about the instances where surveys and measurements have been conducted by the authorities. You could also obtain the status of your requests for obtaining measurements and the reasons regarding why the inspection has not been done so far and other related details. Under Section 2(f) of the RTI Act, you could obtain copies of the relevant documents and records.

    You could use this information to highlight any wrongdoings that emerge with the authorities concerned and also approach the concerned court of law for seeking appropriate remedies.

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