Tis Hazari Court RTI

  • Can I file a RTI to Tis Hazari court to get information about the proceedings of a case and get all documents regarding the same. Can I know about the witnesses produced in the court related to the case?

  • RTI Experts


    Apart from the RTI Act, the every court has its own independent mechanism of providing case related information. By providing the complete details of the case, you could obtain information and documents relating to the case. This would also depend on factors such as whether case is pending or has been disposed off and whether you are a party to the particular case or not.

    You could also avail the RTI Act for obtaining information and case related documents by providing the details of the case. As such there is no provision in the RTI Act which prohibits citizens from accessing information relating to pending/sub judice cases, some courts have their own criteria for disclosing information.

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