RTI for Rental Agreement

  • I have rented a house at Hyderabad, the house owners are showing negligence in providing rental agreement. They took a deposit of Rs9500, which they mentioned that while vacating they will deduct arrears and breakage charges if any. I pressured them to give agreement before giving the deposit, but failed due to constant harassment and nagging for money from the owners. Even the receipts for the money, i took it with great effort.

    Can I get it through RTI, if not kindly letme know the other formalities. I have already got cheated by house owners like this. I wanted to know about the legal procedures before hand, in case this owner too follow the same suit like others. Kindly reply.

    Note: I am a Junior Research Fellow student (in case if you want to know my source of income), I assume that the formalities are same for employees as well as Junior Research Fellow students.

    Thank You

  • RTI Experts


    The RTI act is not applicable to private disputes. It applies to cases where the information is held by a public authority.

    In your case, the RTI act would not be applicable

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