Wife's ITR details

  • In case wife is living separately and filed cases on husband, can husband ask for the ITR details of the wife from Income tax department under RTI Act?

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    As per a recent CIC judgment titled Prashansa Sharma v Delhi Transco Ltd dated 03.02.2015, it has been laid down that spouses have a right to access each others income details including ITR details.

    Such information would not constitute personal information and section 8(1)(j) would not be applicable and a larger public interest in involved which overrides personal information.

  • Hello Amanmadan,

    Thanks for your confirmation about being able to file RTI seeking wife ITR, have below further questions:

    1. Will we need to attach any marriage proof while raising such RTI request? Any other document to be attached?

    2. Will the IT department seek permission / intimate the wife if such a request is raised by husband?

    3. Do you process this type of RTI request?

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    You could drop an email at support@onlinerti.com regarding your queries and drafting an effective RTI application

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