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    I am from Andhra Pradesh and asking this on behalf of someone.

    Ration card was issued to a woman without checking any proof.She was not married at any point to the person she included as her husband's name on the card.So we approached local Tahasildar(MRO) where civil supplies work from.They all are adamant on enquiring it .With the help of that ration card due to the blunder done from Civil Supplies Department for not checking the fact she got voter card,Aadahar,Passport using this as proof.When we contacted Tahasildar he said go to court.Why do we need to go to court for the mistake done by their department?You know how many years it will take if we go to court and all and why should we pay for something which we didn't do.So how can I approach using RTI act to set these things straight.Please note we gave written complaint to Tahasildar and he said will inquire,He said they served a notice and asked her to bring proof of her marriage certificate with the person on the card.She couldn't bring any proof whatsoever and they gave more than 6 weeks time.But Tahasildar office never gave any report to us back.They keep promising they will remove the name and all but they never did.Finally she gave a written statement to the supplies department in charge saying "remove the name as husband but keep the surname".And these people danced to her tunes.They inquired completely and they came to know she was not this person's wife but still they did not give report nor cancelled her card nor gave us proper solution instead upon her statement they actually removed the person's name and left his surname because she has 4 children and she used that surname as father of their children.What can we do about it seriously and teach Tahasildar a lesson and the incharge of the supplies department.Also can we do anything about changing the name from other cards like Voter,Aadhar and Passport.

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    The concerned department is a public authority and the RTI act is applicable to it.

    You could avail the benefit of RTI Act to dig out information regarding the mentioned discrepancies and the alleged connivance and negligence of concerned officials.

    Under section 2(f), you could obtain certified copies of the relevant documents and records including file notings, all documents maintained in the file, copies of correspondence exchanged between departments/officials, official policy and rules regarding the subject matter of your query and other relevant documents. You could also make a request in the application for personal inspection of the records. Additionally, you could highlight the larger public interest involved, if there is any.

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