SCI-against contract 4th engg over to regular 4th engg posting .......what is mean of regular employe and any preference over contract employe

  • in sci ground staff not giving any preference to regular employe ....they taking all contract engg and giving waiting to regular employe

    so can i know the value and preference of regular employe of organization through RTI , we are first or they are first

  • RTI Experts


    If the organisation/body that you have referred to is a government body, then it is a public authority and the RTI act is applicable to it.

    You could obtain information relating to the overall policy of the authority in terms of permanent employees and contract employees. You could also obtain the details of benefits available to both in terms of pay and also the nature of work/job responsibilities. Under section 2(f), you could obtanain certified copies of the relevant documents and records in this regard. Additionally, you could obtain copies of any orders/notifications passed in this regard along with copies of any departmental/official exhange of correspondence/communication

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