Management Trainees of Jawahar lal Nehru hospital

  • .What is the detail medical fitness criteria on which Management Trainee are selected? 2.Since 2007 how many candidates have been declared medically unfit and on what causes?(those who have cleared interview also) 3.When was the present Medical Fitness criteria was formulated and its date of latest revision ? 4.On what Basis a candidate is declared temporarily unfit and later declared fit? 5.What is the total time taken for medical examination and declaration of medically fit to a candidate? 6.Name the committee members with their qualifications & designations in medical board for declaring FIT/UNFIT to management trainee of 2014 year in JLN Hospital ,Bhilai?

  • RTI Experts


    If the said hospital is a government hospital, then it is a public authority and the RTI Act is applicable to it.

    If it is a private hospital, then the RTI Act would not be directly applicable and you would have to obtain the information from the concerned body/department under which the hospital operates.

    Under Section 2(f), you could obtain certified copies of the relevant documents and records pertaining to the subject matter of your query.

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