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  • I am a retired Armed Forces officer & a senior citizen. I was working in a public funded organisation at Visakhapatnam, after my retirement from active service in 1989. My salary was fixed in an official 'Interview', after detailed negotiations. As I was getting 'pension', I was offered a lower salary, in a lower post, in relation to the post for which I was interviewed. I accepted the same & was happily working for over 9 years before I had a tiff with my new boss, who issued orders that because my pay was not "rightly" fixed in accordance with Rules for Pensioners, it has to be revised & substancially reduced; & I am to refund the "extra amount" that was paid to me in the intervening years. I resigned in protest & my remaining salary & gratuity were forefeited. I have no doubt that the above action was taken purely in vegeance & was totally illegal & immoral. For this I have filed a case in Hyderabad High Court in 2001. It has not come for hearing yet. Now, I understand my case is likely to get further delayed due to the bifurcation of the court into AP/Telangana High Courts. I am settled in Noida, (Delhi NCR), am already 70 years old & now in poor health. Can the RTI come to my help? If so, how should I go about it? I shall be grateful for your early response please.

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    You could file multiple RTIs to make your case stronger substantiated with authenticated information.

    If the said organisation is government funded/owned/controlled, then it is a public authority and the RTI Act is applicable to it. Under section 2 (f) of the RTI Act, you could obtain certified copies of the relevant documents and records. You could obtain the documents relating to your initial appointment and the basis on which your salary was fixed. You could obtain copies of orders/notifications issued by the authority in this regard along with copies of communications/correspondence exchanged between departments/officials, copies of any report prepared and all other documents under the file maintained by the authority in this regard.

    Apart from this, you could obtain documents and records relating any policy which exists for 'refund' of the extra salary. You could also file an application with the concerned labour department and obtain the copies of the rules and regulations which exists regarding this subject matter. You could also ask for rules regarding whether any government employer is entitled to withhold/forfeit any salary or any other benefits and under which circumstances.

    You could also file an application with the pension authorities and obtain the rules regarding employment of pensioners and the fixation of salary rules.

    You could possibly compile and use this information to make your case stronger.

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