Details of a Govt employee

  • Dear Sir, I want to ask that can I get information from govt employee, My one relative working in railway department i want to know about his Gross salary, retirement date and date of joining. But the department refuse to give the information reason given that this is the personal information, Sir can I send appeal to rti for getting this information....

  • RTI Experts


    Various CIC orders and court judgments have held that certain aspects of salary of a government employee can be disclosed under the RTI Act. However, there are certain information which constitutes third party information and the same is exempt from disclosure unless consent is obtained from the concerned third party.

    There is the aspect of voluntary disclosure of Salary details Under Sec 4 (1) (b)(X) of the RTI Act under which such information can be obtained. Third party information can be also be disclosed under special circumstances whereby larger public interest is shown which warrants disclosure of such information.

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