basis for collection of above revenue.taxes, viz.rate,classification period etc from co-operative housing societies

  • we are residents of Parashuramnage society and We have paid Jamin Mahesul and shikshan upkar for above mentioned years till date.photocopy of demand notice is attached. we will like to know, our society is almost 45 years old, so we feel that revenue should not be charged to us..therefore we will like to know what is the basis for collection of above revenue.taxes, viz.rate,classification period till what time we are supposed to pay this revenue. we will like to know the list of cooperative housing societies which pay such revenue. and also the list of defaulters. what actions have been taken from department against defaulters.

  • RTI Experts


    The registrar and tax collection departments would be the concerned public authorities.

    Under section 2 (f) of the RTI Act, you could obtain certified copies of the relevant documents and records regarding the basis on which the taxes are being levied and collected. You could obtain copies of orders/notifications issued by the authority in this regard along with copies of communications/correspondence exchanged between departments/officials, copies of any report prepared or survey conducted along with policy related documents and other related details.

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