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  • I am rajrshkumar advocate and i am appearing for my client namely parimala and the criminal case was pending against murugan s/o kannan before tirukoilur hudicial magistrate court in STC.NO.555/2013 and non bailable warrant was pending against murugan. Now the murugan was in abroad Riyadh hence i request ibdian embassy to secure murugan and to produce tirukoilur magistrate court. Hence i represent complaint dor the same thwy asked me particular of murugan passport.

    Can I file an RTI for the certified copy of murugan's passport?

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    Obtaining another person's personal information amounts to third party information and is exempt from disclosure under the RTI Act except under certain special circumstances.

    In order to obtain third party information under the RTI Act, a larger public interest has to be shown which warrants the disclosure of such information. There should be no personal interest or personal use involved and the disclosure of such information should affect the public at large.

  • Passport of other person comes under third party information under section 11 of the Act. PIO can provide you certified copy of third party information only in two cases: 1) After taking consent of Third Party and 2) if large public interest is served in disclosing information. If third party denies to disclose copy of his passport and you are unable to show larger public interest then you may not get certified copy of his passport.

    Thanking You

    Kumari Puja


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